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Ködispace 4SG

Thermoplastic Spacer (Warm Edge System) for the manufacture of insulating glass for use in the construction industry, especially for Structural Glazing

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Ködispace 4SG


Ködispace 4SG consists of a thermoplastic rubber with integrated desiccant for dehydrating the space between the panes. Ködispace 4SG is applied with a suitable applicator onto the glass and completely replaces conventional metal or plastic spacer, desiccant and primary seal. The outer sealing is still to be made with the proven two-component sealant for the manufacture of Insulating glass GD 116 (PSR), GD 920 (Silicone) or Ködiglaze S (Silicone).

  • Warm Edge System for the manufacture of insulating glass, especially for Structural Glazing
  • Very low water vapor and gas permeability
  • Improved temperature resistance in the insulating glass
  • Optimized adhesion to glass and the silicone secondary sealant due to chemical bonding
  • Fast wet out to glass after application
  • Reduction of condensation in the edge area
  • High productivity due to fully automated application

Ködispace 4SG was developed for the production of insulating glass for use in the construction industry.

For other applications please contact our technical service department.



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Ködispace 4SG


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